Hello!  We are starting to utilize email now.  If you subscribe to our email list, we will occasionally send out information regarding new items, and discounts!  We could not do this without YOU, so we would love to have a way to thank our customers!  

Thank you,

Amy @ Creative Garters

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Hello Everyone!  We just made a ton of major changes with the site.  Navigating is different than before, but it is much easier to browse.  We are constantly adding new products so it is always good to take a look.  Thank you so much for your business and support!  We are excited for you to see the latest design!
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ReVamped the Store

Thank you for your patience while we went through all our products. We have deleted over a hundred listings, changed titles and sizing charts to better serve you our customers. And to fix a URL problem that may have been directing you our customers to a different product than you wanted to view. Please drop us an email if you have any questions about us and what we can do for you.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Shop Small

I know I did a post earlier this week about small business Saturday, but I want to post it again, for I have a discount code for everyone to shop with tomorrow.  I would also like to encourage everyone to go  It is through American Express, and you can look for many small businesses in your area, or online, to support!  I feel it is very important to support small business, to give those ma and pop shops a chance, especially since they usually are better quality, or things you could never find in a large retail store.

Tomorrow, on small business Saturday, I invite you to check  Buy a garter for a wedding, a Christmas surprise or any other occasion.  At checkout use code shopsmall to receive 15% off your order (the code will only work on Saturday the 29th).  I noticed on my dashboard, people will get to the cart to checkout, but not finish.  I have a feeling it is because the discount code box doesn’t show up right away.  It asks for your billing address.  After you fill that in, hit continue.  The next page will have the box to put the code in, BEFORE it asks for any payment information.  Thank you so much for your support.  If you have any questions or comments, email us at

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Garter of the Week

There are always new garters being added to our inventory from all of your wonderful ideas!  I want to do a featured garter every week to help show all the different kinds we have to offer.  I wanted to show off a brand new one, but I f figured since earlier this week was Veterans’ Day, I should show a beautiful military garter instead.

It was also very recently the USMC’s birthday, so this week’s garter is a Marine one.  It is beautifully layered with red, white and blue and has a Marine charm. The charm can come in silver or gold.  You can also request to change the colors if you would like.  If you want to add embroidery (it will cost a little extra), you can add something like “Semper Fi”.  It is a perfect, fun way to put a smile on your Marine’s face. Here is the page where you can order the garter

Thanks for your support!

Etsy Site-

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