About Us

Welcome to Creative Garters, where our name truly says it all!

Before I opened this online store (My Etsy one was first in March 2010), I was a seamstress at a local bridal shop.  There is something so magical about the bustle and preparations of brides-to-be, I knew then I wanted to remain in this industry.  While I initially focused on dresses, we soon started to get regular requests for garters.  I adored making these frilly embellishments, and was always impressed by the combined creativity of the brides and our staff.  There is so much hope, romance and excitement, and the innocent selection of the wedding dress is complemented by the salacious selection of garters!
I offer my clients over twenty years’ experience as a seamstress, and I also offer a unique perspective with my military garters because I am a proud military vet's wife myself!  Both my husband and my son were proud members of the American Military and it is with great honor I create these garters.  
This business has truly been a Godsend, and I am grateful for every day I am able to sew.   I believe that while life is full of obstacles, by sharing your passion, and remembering your faith, you can improve the world around you.  That is what I aim to do with each of these garters, whether it is for a wedding, birthday, holiday, prom or other special occasion!  I want to offer my customers personalized embroidery, custom color combinations, and excellent customer service.
I want my brides and grooms to smile and to celebrate because that is what makes life sweet. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Creative Garters!


Thank you Adriana 

**PLEASE NOTE** Almost any of the fabrics, colors or charms can be changed to your liking!  Please email me to let me know what you are looking for, I can do just about anything!

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