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Welcome to Creative Garters, where our name truly says it all!

NEW!  There are even more new listings, so make sure you check everything out!  I ALWAYS do a military discount of 10%.  Ask me for the code if you are military and I will be glad to give it to you!  Congrats to all the weddings in August!  If you've received your order, we would super appreciate it if you left a review!  Thanks!

Here is the place for any custom garter to be made!! Have a specific theme wedding, special occasion, or even want a traditional garter? I will work with you to get just the garter your heart desires! To view the entire selection click on catalog, or to simplify your selection, click on one of the collections below.

   IMPORTANT My turnaround time is about 1-2 weeks. Please ***LEAVE YOUR WEDDING DATE IN A NOTE*** at checkout. The measurements you choose from are leg measurements. The garter(s) will be smaller to fit the leg measurements.  Please email me at FIRST about any custom request or changes.  I can then create a listing just for you and email you the link. 

   Any of my garters can be sewn with a different color satin, trim and military or hunting camouflage fabric.  You can also add charms, remove charms, or change charms!!  Some of my dog tag charms can be customized as well!  If you want any of these changes, contact me or leave the changes in a note at check out!  ***I am not a professional photographer.  The color may be different than in the picture.  If you need to be more sure of the color contact me at  I will send you a picture of the fabric from the website I ordered it off, or may be able to send a small sample.***

Thank you, Adriana